Label: See For Miles SEE 294 (UK) 807
Medium: CD


[The Magic Shoemaker (1970) RE 1990]


Re-Release 1990  - 
Original LP is one of the rarest UK Psych Records..the band started under
the name FRIDAY's CHYLD in 1966.
After the name change in 1968 they released two 45s  and one album

Style-Genre :  Psychedelic ; Rock ;

see : 
Strawbs ; Velvet Opera ; Paul Brett's Sage ; King Early Boogie Band ;

Musicians :
Dave Lambert - vocals, guitar, keyboards  (pre-Strawbs) ;
Dick Dufall - bass, voc.; Bob Voice - drums, voc.;
Paul Brett - guitar; Dave Cousins - banjo;

Producers: Ray Hammond & Ray Hendriksen; Engineers: Andy Hendriksen, Len Foster, Andy Mason & John Smythe;
Front Cover : Detail from The VILLAGE COBBLER by Jan Victors; Artwork: Grey Matter;

Tracks   all songs by: Dave Lambert 
Children of Imagination (Intro)
Tell you a Story
Magic Shoes
Reason for Everything
Only a Dream
Flies like a Bird
Like to help you if I can
I can see the Sky
Happy Man am I
Children of Imagination

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