Label: RCA 26.21294 (D)
Medium: LP


[Bowie Pinups (1973)]


Gatefold Sleeve/ first RI - 1975
After his first band as sax player The KONRADS in 1962, he formed his first own groups recording as
DAVIE JONES & The KING BEES; D.Jones & The Lower  Third  or  The MANISH BOYS between 1964 to 65.
From 1966 on he records as DAVID BOWIE  for the PYE and later DERAM label from soul tinged Pop to
Popsike. In late 1969 his success story starts with SPACE ODDITY for Philips and Mercury.
The albums released on Philips and Mercury (US) are very very rare and soughtafter with special covers too.
In 1971 he signed with RCA first release  HUNKY DORY album, the LP The Man Who Sold.. got  re-released
with a new cover.
Rare single releases on Mercury and B&C  as HYPE & ARNOLD CORNS
Some of his early songs are recorded by PETER NOONE  (Herman Hermits) , LULU or The BEATSTALKERS.
BOWIE worked as producer also with LOU REED; IGGY POP ; MICK RONSON  etc.

Style : Glam-Rock ; Pop ;

see :
Rats ; Mick Ronson ; Mott The Hoople ; Arnold Corns ; Iggy Pop ; Feathers ; Earl Slick ;
Aynsley Dunbar ; Third World War ; Sounds Incorporated ; Woody Woodmansey U-Boot ;
Robert Fripp ; Hunter-Ronson ; Bob Dylan ; Brian Eno ;

Bowie sings  & covers his best loved songs. From  Who, Pretty Things; Kinks; Yardbirds; Them;  etc etc.
Aynsley Dunbar had  even played drums with The MOJOS - Everythings alright in the 60s
Musicians :
David Bowie - vocals, sax, harp, moog; Mick Ronson - guitar, piano; T.J.Bolder - bass;
Aynsley Dunbar -drums; Mike Garson - keyboards; Ken Fordham - baritone sax;

Side 1 :
Rosalyn  (May-Taylor)
Here comes the Night  (B.Berns)
I wish you would  (Arnold)
See emily play  (Barrett)
Everythings Allright  (Stavley-James-Karlson-Crouch-Konrad)
I can't explain  (Townshend)

Side 2 :
Friday on my Mind  (Vanda-Young)
Sorrow  (Feldman-Goldstein-Gottehrer)
Don't bring me down  (Dee)
Shapes of Things  (Smith-McCarthy)
Anyway, Anyhow; Anywhere?  (Townshend-Daltrey)
Where have all the good Times gone  (Davies) 




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