Label: Hunter HM13862
Medium: 2CD-Set


[Singles As & Bs (1965-1970)]


...founded in 1964  by R.Bennett & R.van Leeuwen the group lasted till 1971 and
released 8 albums (including  sampler).
By end of 1967 a first big change when  Robbie van Leeuwen split to form The
SHOCKING BLUE and around the same time Henk Smitskamp changed to the LIVIN BLUES
2nd LP from 1966 produced by WALKER BROTHERs members Scott Walker & John Stewart.
Best and most successful time was from 1965 to 1969.
Drummer Sieb Warnes  left in 1969 to give a short guesting with Golden Earring and was back in
the 90s with ATMOSPHERES.

Style:  Beat ; Popsike ; Poprock

Mack ; Shocking Blue ; Livin Blues ; Haigs ; Tee Set ; Golden Earring ;
Galaxy-Lin ; Jay-Jays ; Rob Hoeke ; Ekseption ; Atmospheres (90s);

Rudy Bennett - lead vocals; Sieb Warner - drums; Henk Smitskamp - bass ;
Robbie van Leeuwen - guitar;
Gerard Romeyn - guitar, bass; Jan Vennik - flute, sax ; Leo Bennink - guitar (ex-Mack);
Paul van Melzen - bass  (ex-Haigs); Han Gordinou de Gouberville - drums;
Bob van der Vaart - keyboards, voc.;

CD 1 :
It's gone  (R.v.Leeuwen)  1965
You Bother me  (Leeuwen)
For another Man  (Leeuwen)
Love won't stop  (Leeuwen)
Wasted Words  (Leeuwen)
Everything that's mine  (Leuwen)  1966
Why don't you take it  (R.van Leeuwen-S.Warner)
Every Step I take   (Leeuwen)
It's the same old Song  (Holland-Dozier-Holland)  1967
Hard Time Blues  (Leeuwen)  1966
How can we hang on to a Dream  (T.Hardin)   Solo: RUDY BENNETT)  1967
Amy  ((B.Darin)   Solo;  RUDY BENNETT
I want you I need you  (G.Romeijn jr.-S,Warner)
Wonderful Impressions  (G.Romeijn jr.-S,Warner)
Tonight will be stoned  (G.Romeijn jr.-S,Warner)
You're my Adee  (G.Romeijn jr.-P.L.Stirling)  1968
Take your Time   (Leeuwen-Warner)
I'm so proud  (T.Hardin))   Solo : RUDY BENNETT  
Miracle Man  (L.Bennink-S.Warner)  
I ain't got Time    (L.Bennink-S.Warner) 
Take the fast Train  (L.Bennink-R.Bennett-S.Warner) 
What's your Name  (Vennik-S.Warner)  1969
Little Boys Life  (Warner)  1968
It's alright   (B.Green-S.Warner)  1969
Freedom   (L.Bennink-S.Warner) 
Eliza  (Vennik-Warner)
I can't help it  (B.Green-R.Bennett)
Try to make you happy   (L.Bennink-R.Bennett)  1970

CD 2 :
I've got Misery  (R.v.Leeuwen)  1965
We fell in Love  (R.v.Leeuwen)  1965
I' ve waited so long  (R.v.Leeuwen)  1965
No matter where you run  (R.v.Leeuwen)  1965
I'll follow the Sun  (R.v.Leeuwen)  1965
There' s no Place to hide  (R.v.Leeuwen)  1966
My Love is growing  (Leeuwen-J.Stewart)   1966
Stop your crying  (Leeuwen-Warner)
Someday Child   (Leeuwen-Warner)   1967
Reason to Believe  (T.Hardin)   Solo:  RUDY BENNETT  1967
Goodnight sleep tight  (G.Romeijn jr.-S.Warner)  Solo : RUDY BENNETT
Suzy Baby  (G.Romeijn jr.-S.Warner) 
Nellie the Horse  (G.Romeijn jr.-S.Warner) 
Make it legal  (G.Romeijn jr.-P.Stirling)  1967
One Million red Balloons   (G.Romeijn jr.-S.Warner)   
Hey Conductor Man  (G.Romeijn jr.-P.Stirling)  1968
Rainbow  (Warner-L.Bennink)
You're my Adee  (G.Romeijn jr.-P.Stirling)   Solo: RUDY BENNETT
Something  (L.Bennink-S.Warner)  1968
Fantasy Club  (L.Bennink-S.Warner)  1968
Illusion  (Warner)
Hamburg City  (J.Vennik-S.Warner)
Hey Everybody  (B.Green-Warner)  1969
Wedding of the hundred Brides  (B.Green-Warner)
Look away  (L.Bennink-H.Cooperville)
We all come together  (Green-Cooperville)  1970


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