Label: Snapper SMMCD 550 (UK)
Medium: CD


[Emotions (1967) + 7 Bonus]


One of the best english R&B; Psych Bands, harder & better players like the STONES.
Released album S.F.SORROW in 1968 very great psych concept Rock album which influenced
the WHO & KINKS too.
The album "PARACHUTE" was named as best album in 1970 by the famous ROLLING STONE magazine.
Comeback in the end 70s with a punk album to the right time, but like so often with them
..the success was omited
My alltime fave band!!!

Bern Elliott & The Fenmen;  Fairies; Tomorrow;  Rolling Stones ;
Edgar Broughton
; Jack Green ; Yardbirds ;  Blues Hangovers (OZ) ; 
Pink Fairies;  Vamp;  Bunch Of Fives;  Denny Laine;  Arthur Brown;

Dick Taylor  -  produced
 Hawkwind;  MeKons;  Skin Alley;

Musicians :
PHIL MAY - lead vocals, harp; DICK TAYLOR - lead guitar, banjo;
JOHN POVEY - keyboards, perc., harp, voc.; WALLY WALLER - bass, voc.;
SKIP ALLAN - drums, perc.; FRANK HOLLAND - guitars, voc.
and guest musicians: 
Mark St. John    -- Manager, Producer, drums, perc. and friend of the band

till 1965:
Viv Prince - drums; Brian Pendleton - rhythm guitar; John Stax - bass, harmonica;

Twink - drums (1968);  Peter Tolson - guitar, voc.; Stuart Brooks, Jack Green - bass, voc.;

 ..they don't love this album till today...because many songs where overdubbed
with violins, brass  without their knowledge etc.   ....from R&B  to Popsike

1. Death Of A Socialite  (Stirling-May-Taylor)
2. Children  (Waller-May-Taylor)
3. The Sun  (May-Waller)
4. There Will Never Be Another Day  (Taylor-May-Waller)
5. House Of Ten  (Waller-My-Taylor)
6. Out In The Night  (Stirling-Taylor)
7. One Long Glance  (Waller-May-Taylor)
8. Growing In My Mind  (May-Taylor)
9. Photographer  (May-Stirling-Taylor)
10. Bright Lights Of The City  (Waller-May)
11. Tripping  (May-Taylor)
12. My Time  (Taylor-May-Waller)

13. A House In The Country  (Ray Davies)  1966
14. Progress  (B.Halley-C.Spencer)  45 edit 1966
15. Photographer  (ay-Stirling-Taylor)  Single edit  1967
16. There Will Never Be Another Day  (Taylor-May-Waller)  undubbed alternate
17. My Time (45 edit)  (Taylor-May-Waller)  1967
18. The Sun  (May-Waller)  undubbed alternate
19. Progress (Halley-Spencer)  undubbed alternate

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