Label: RPM Retro 846 (UK)
Medium: CD


V/A - GONKS GO BEAT (Billy Fury; Lulu; Graham Bond)
[Gonks Go Beat (1965) - Ive Gotta Horse (1965) Sold!!]

V/A - GONKS GO BEAT  (Billy Fury; Lulu; Graham Bond)

Two British film-soundtrack from 1965


GONKS GO BEAT  (1965) :
LULU & The LUVVERS- Choc Ice
GRAHAM BOND - Harmonica     (great....
Elaine and Derek - Broken Pieces
Titan Sound Orchestra - Burn up
Alan David - Love is a Dream
Long and the Short - Take this Train
Dougie Robinson & the Titan Studio Orchestra - As young as we are
Alan Grimley, Ronny Verrell, A.White, R.Stephenson - Drum Battle
Perry Ford - In Love with you Today
Barbara Brown - Penny for your Thoughts
Barbara Brown & Perry Ford - Loving you
Titan Studio Orchestra - Gonks go Beat
LULU & The LUVVERS - The only one
Barbara Brown & Perry Ford - Takes two to make Love
Titan Studio Orchestra - Finale

I'VE GOTTA HORSE  (1965) :
Billy Fury - Ive gotta Horse
Billy Fury & The Gamblers  - Stand by me
Billy Fury & Sheila ONeill - Do the old Soft Shoe
The Gamblers - I cried all Night
Bachelors - Far Far Away
Billy Fury - I like Animals
Billy Fury - Find your Dream
Sheila ONeill & Amanda Barrie - Dressed up for a Man
Bachelors - Hes got the whole World in his Hands
Amanda Barrie & Michael Medwin - Problems
Billy Fury, Amanda Barrie, Jon Pertwee - Youve got to look right for the Part
Billy Fury - Medley:
   Ive gotta Horse
   I like Animals
  Find your Dream

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