Label: EMI 496436-2 (UK) ks
Medium: CD


PARAMOUNTS, The (see: Procol Harum)
[At Abbey Road (1963-1966) + Session 1970]

PARAMOUNTS, The   (see: Procol Harum)

Release 1998
Great early 60s english R&B group, the band was already formed at school around
1959 and went professional around 1962 /63 .
They split after the release of 6 singles and 1 EP in 1966.
In 1967 they came back under the name PROCOL HARUM with a success story.
They backed CHRIS ANDREWS for some time too.
Some of the CD tracks are from a 1970 R&B session.

Style:  R&B ;

Procol Harum ; Robin Trower ; Duffy Power ; Bill Wyman ;
Gary Brooker ; Chris Andrews ;

Gary Brooker - vocals, piano; Mick Brownlee, B.J.Wilson - drums;
Robin Trower - guitar; Chris Copping, Diz Derrick - bass;

Tracks :
Poison Ivy  (Leiber-Stoller)
I feel good all over  (Scott-Blackwell)
Bad Blood   (Leiber-Stoller)
Chills and Fever  (La King)  prev. unrel. 1964
Little bitty pretty One  (Byrd)
A Certain Girl   (Neville)
Stupidity  (S.Burke)   prev. unrel.
It wont be long   (Brooker-Trower)
Pride and Joy   (Whitefield-Gaye-Stevenson)   prev. unrel. 1964
Do I   (unknown)
Im the One who loves you   (Mayfield)
Hey little Girl  (Del Shannon)   prev. unrel. 1964
Youve got what I want  (M.Dallon)
Turn on your Lovelight   (Scott-Malone)
Blue Ribbons  (Sheeley-DeShannon) prev. unrel. early mix, no strings
Blue Ribbons   (Sheeley-DeShannon)
Cuttin in   (Watson)
Baby im yours  (Van McCoy)   prev. unrel. 1965
Dont ya like my Love   (Brooker-Trower)
Draw me closer  (Payne-Carroll)
You never had it so good   (P.F.Sloan)
Freedom  (Mingus)

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